Investment potential of Siedlce (presentation Flash format 10MB )

Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone

Siedlce is one of the biggest economic centres of the eastern Mazovia, a town which is modern, friendly and open to investors.

Unquestionable investment advantages of the town are: convenient location on international road and railway routes, nearness of Warsaw and Terespol, where Polands borders Russia, qualified and young personnel, welldeveloped technical infrastructure of considerable capacity and feed reserves (gas, electrical energy, water, sewage system, telecommunication, the reach of every mobile phone network), high standard of education on every level, including higher level, good prospects of economic growth and good conditions for business. These advantages have been already noticed by many local and foreign companies that chose Siedlce to be the site of their activity. Like in all modern market economies, service and trade companies dominate here, with the majority of small and medium-sized companies. Local companies take advantage of the economic potential of Siedlce. They represent such branches as: building and production of steel constructions ( 'Polimex-Mostostal' Co. capital group, 'Altrad-Mostostal' Ltd capital group), production of cutting machines for steel and wood processing (Cutting Machine Factory 'Fenes' Co.), production of car parts and components (Component Production Plant 'Auto' Ltd), construction and production of technical springs and bent-wire products (Cooperative Spring Producer 'PSI'). Among the large food industry companies, the dominating ones are those manufacturing poultry products ('Drosed' Co.), dairy products (Regional Dairy Co-operative), liquor ('Polmos' Co.), and fruit and vegetable products ('Zentis Polska' Ltd and 'Agrofruct' Ltd). The major services include: trade, transport, property and company attendance, education, hotels, and restaurants. The last- mentioned constitute appropriate setting for the business, which makes the town even more attractive. Local authorities meet the companies' needs half-way, trying to set the best conditions possible for the development of business. The possibility to run one's own business in the newly established Siedlce sub-zone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone is a considerable encouragement of investment, most effective according to many experts. The companies which invest here may expect public assistance in the form of tax exemption (40 - 60% of the total investment cost). By the terms of a resolution by Siedlce Town Council, companies working out new investments are temporarily exempted from paying real estate tax. An obvious example of investors' interest in the town is the investmests of such companies as Stadler Rail AG from Swiss, producing modern rail-vehicles, or Valmont Industries from the USA, manufacturing light and telecommunication posts. Teleperformance Polska Co.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I invite you to visit our town, the centre of the sub-region of innumerable tourist, leisure and historical virtues. Its rich history, considerable economic potential, and young enterprising society are most important advantages. Siedlce is one of the four sub-regional centres in Mazovia, characterized by the lowest unemployment rate. The town is the educational, sports, cultural, administrative and economic centre of the eastern part of the province, stimulating its development.

Siedlce is the city with a population of over 77 thousand, located on the area of nearly 32 km2. For many years it has had a positive birth rate. The people of Siedlce form a young society: 23,8% of the residents are people before the economically productive age and 65% is at the economically productive age. Personnel stability on the labour market is ensured thanks to the favourable age structure of the residents. Siedlce is also an important academic centre. Nowadays two schools i.e. University of Podlasie (www.ap.siedlce.pl) and School of Management and Finance (www.wsfiz.siedlce.pl) educate more than 15 thousand students, who come from the whole Mazovia and Podlasie Region. Siedlce is a safe city. Since 2006 the city centre is subject to monitoring, which is planned to be developed.

An unquestioned chief asset of the city is its location at one of the most important communication routes. Siedlce lies 90 km to the east of Warsaw and at the same distance from the Terespol border crossing to Belarus.The Berlin-Moscow railway route, which in now being modernized and transformed into “a fast railway”, ensures a good link between the city and the whole country as well as its Eastern neighbours Belarus and Russia. Communication with the city will be further improved by the east-west motorway.

Doing its best to maintain previous achievements and still working on further development, the town guarantees good conditions for already running companies as well as still wins new ones which find convenient investment opportunities in our town. An important element of these endeavours was establishing in Siedlce a sub-zone of the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone, thanks to which in the forthcoming years our town will be offering over 1.000 new vacancies. The town actively supports investors on each level of the investment: helping to find appropriate location, to gain the necessary documents, and finally, to take in employees. The entrepreneurs also appreciate the post-investment assistance.

The beauty of Siedlce and the kindness and hospitability of its inhabitants will make you come back to our charming and friendly town with pleasure.

  Mayor of Siedlce
Wojciech Kudelski